Q: How much is the course?
The course is $997 annually. This allows us to continue to deliver recent and relevant content as the government rules change.
A: Yes we have completed GovCon for Dummies FREE course. It will answer questions about government contracting and help you get registered in SAM portal.
A: No. A certification will not help you win contracts. First learn the techniques that we teach of how to start winning and then become certified. I know 100's of people winning everyday with no certification.
A: You can learn everything you need to start winning contracts using my current YouTube videos. The course is for people who want a more structured environment and ongoing training, mentoring and consulting. It is difficult to address each person’s individual circumstances in generic videos.
A: Yes. I will continue making new videos and teaching content to help you win in the federal arena.
A; This course is built around a proven model to win contracts in 2019. Every lesson is designed to help implement the method so that you can duplicate the results. See sales page.
A: Yes In order to remain inside the private FB Group everyone will be required to go through the course in it’s entirety. This will ensure that we achieve a minimum level of competency amongst group members. Initially it will reduce the group size but overall it will elevate the quality of members within the group.